Anno Bib #3

This article focuses on teen drug abuse and the concerning amount of teens who are beginning to use drugs on a regular basis (the article also included other statistics surrounding current drug laws and medical providers). It mainly touches on pathos through opening with a story about a teen who accidently smoked the marijuana imitator named K-2 and then proceeded to commit suicide. After this saddening story it immediately jumped into more negative affects with other frightening statistics about teen drug use over the last few decades. Through showing a graph that explained that the daily use of marijuana within teens since 1976 has risen dramatically while another graph explained that teens are thinking marijuana is less and less dangerous. Through these graphs and other quotations from a variety of sources, it is clear that this article is mainly shifted towards the “anti” side of marijuana usage. The pathos within this article is incredibly frequent. It allows the reader to learn about several stories of teenagers dying, mothers stepping out against the legalization of marijuana often due to the death of their child, recovering addicts, and many more. Pathos is such a strong subject within this article because it’s very anti-legalization. When enacting pathos and simultaneously attempting to push your audience towards favoring keeping marijuana illegal, it is important to enact strong and very scary pathos. These stories cause the reader to relate to their own life and concurrently become frightened of the drug.

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